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Employee Spotlight

Employee: Eric

Position: Groomer

Hotel Duties: Taking care of any grooming needs for hotel, day care, and vet pet clients; making sure they are looking and feeling their best for the visit if it is just for a fun day at the spa or to help with any skin/coat issues. I make sure to keep petsā€™ healthy by keeping client informed how the pet is benefiting from the grooming or working with them on any issues that might come with grooming.

Favorite part of working here: Out of all the years in pet care MPH is the only place I would recommend to clients. I really like being part of this pack knowing we all are honest with clients and their pets. I felt very welcome my first week and got off to a very good start knowing we all are on the same page. They embraced me in a very positive way and promoted me as the MPH groomer in a way that made me feel that I had a place here.

Pets at home: Mini dachshund named Blue and newly adopted American Fox Hound, Lady Bird

Outside Interests: