Frequently Asked Questions

I'm boarding my pet for the first time. What should I expect?

Your pet will adjust very quickly to our hotel, our pet care specialists, and our daily routine. We have set times every day for feeding, playing, and cleaning that help to establish order to the day and make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay. We also work hard to make sure your pet gets adequate stimulation during the day to get them ready for a peaceful night's rest.
To help your pet prepare for boarding, establish a home routine that entails a regular feeding schedule and a quiet evening schedule. Our hotel is typically very quiet after closing hours (7pm) in order to give our guests adequate rest and comfort. If your home routine the week before boarding mimics this routine, they will be ready to relax by 8pm or 9pm each night.


Can I tour the facilities prior to arrival?

Absolutely! You are welcome to tour Montrose Pet Hotel. We are an open door facility and no appointment is necessary for tours.

Are the play times and additional walks extra?

We offer a minimum of three indoor walks and three play sessions in our indoor K9 grass every day.  Depending on how many pets we have within the facility, your furry friend can get many more play sessions a day free of charge!  On average, pets receive 2 extra play sessions per day.  There will not be any additional charges for extra play times.

What's an indoor walk?

We are a climate-controlled indoor facility. Each of our canine guests is brought to our indoor grassy area to play and eliminate. The area is equipped with a disinfecting flush system that keeps the area clean between guests and deep cleans are done twice daily to ensure cleanliness. Each play session is 100% supervised by a staff member assigned only to your dog(s).

Do cats get playtime?

Of course! We have supervised play time or just a "pause to purr" time that involves one-on-one affection time with our staff.  Like our dog play time, cats receive multiple 15 min play/cuddle sessions per day in the kitty condo room, if temperament allows.

Does Montrose Pet Hotel have 24hr staffing?

Although we do not have 24hr staffing, we have very long staffing hours covering many more hours than our scheduled lobby hours. Our staff arrives daily at 6:30am and we are present until all pets within the building have been completely cared for. If needed, our owner (Dr. Teixeira) lives less than 2 miles away. In addition, our facility is equipped with 24hr monitored security that is police monitored.

What method of payment do you accept?

Payment is due when you come to check-out, and we take cash, check, MasterCard, and Visa. We cannot guarantee change for large bills ($50 or $100). Typically, we ask that if your plans change, you notify us at least 72hrs before your scheduled reservation to cancel. When booking for holidays, we do require up to 15% of the total stay as a non-refundable deposit upon booking.

What's required for my pet to stay?

All dogs and cats must be at least 16 weeks of age and must be current on vaccines at least 7 days prior to boarding. We require all dogs to have a current DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccine. All cats must have a current FVRCP and Rabies vaccine. All animals must have had a medical exam and a negative fecal within the last year. All animals should be flea and tick free prior to their stay.

Do you provide food and bedding?

We recommend to bring your own bedding and food for your pet. We prefer that all personal possessions and food are labeled and meals individually packaged. We do have refrigeration & freezer capabilities. Ample bedding and cots for those without their own will be provided at no extra cost. MPH recommends bringing your own bedding so they have the smells from home that can help comfort your pet. In addition, keeping them on a similar diet helps encourage eating and is one less change your pet must get used too during their stay. For pets that do not come in with their own food, we feed Hill's Sensitive Skin and Stomach for both cats and dogs in wet and dry food.  

Do you offer daycare boarding?

We'd love to entertain your cat or dog for a day! You may drop your pet off starting at 7am and pick up before 7pm Monday through Friday. Saturday day boarding hours are from 8am-4pm. Sunday hours are for boarding pickup and drop offs only.  No appointment is necessary for day boarding, however, one is always recommended during holiday times as availability is limited.

Do you offer bathing and grooming services?

We'd be happy to bathe your dog or brush out your cat while they are boarding, just make the request when you check in. We also currently offer nail trims and ear cleaning. We also offer full grooming services through our professional groomer, Eric. Please give us a call with any questions you may have about grooming, or to schedule a grooming appointment.

Can Montrose Pet Hotel administer medications at set times?

We can absolutely give your pet their meds when needed, with no additional fees. We do not, however, administer injections. For this reason, we cannot board any insulin-dependent diabetic animals or any animals with a history of seizures.

Can dogs play together in the play area?

Unless they are from the same family and well acquainted with each other, guests do not come in contact with each other during their stay. All of our dogs and cats get individual time play time with a staff member who will work to make sure your pet gets the care, exercise and personal attention they need. This policy greatly helps cut down on the risk of infectious disease and injury while boarding.

Can family pets board together?

Siblings may stay together during the day. We have suites large enough for up to three dogs, and cats are welcome to bunk in the same multilevel kitty condo - we can connect two together for two guests for an extra $15 a night.  We do prefer to feed pets separately to ensure that each pet is eating properly. There is a discount for multi-pet families.

Are the rooms cleaned often?

All cabins, suites, and condos are hand cleaned every morning with warm soapy water and a hospital-grade disinfectant. The K9 grass has a strict cleaning regimen. A deep clean with warm soapy water and hospital grade disinfectants is done daily at noon and each night a chlorine based clean is also completed. In addition,after each full rotation of dogs into the area, the grass is sprayed down with hospital grade disinfectant. The whole facility is cleaned at least twice daily to ensure the health and safety of our guests. Unique to our facility is our water drainage system, in both the cabins and the K9 grass. This unique feature allows us to flush waste and germs outside of the building and create a clean environment for the pets daily. Throughout the day, staff are quick to react to any soiled bedding or floors to make sure dogs and cats stay comfortable and clean. Cabins, suites, and litter boxes are cleaned as often as necessary. Water bowls are changed frequently throughout the day. All dogs and cats have free-choice water at all times.

What if my pet requires medical care during his/her stay?

In the unlikely event that your pet requires a veterinarian, we will make every effort to call you. We will honor the terms of the contract that you sign at check-in. Within reason, we will transport your pet to your veterinarian if that is what you request. We do have a veterinarian from Montrose Animal Health Center on premises during normal business hours and on call at all times, and in the event of a true emergency, we will take your pet to Southpaws Emergency Center.

Have more questions?

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