Your pet’s well-being is very centered on what they eat or ingest. We all want them to have the best food we can afford and can always be on the lookout for the next best thing. There is a rising fad and advertising around a specialty grain-free diet for your pets. The claims being, grain-free is safest and most natural for your pet’s system and should be trusted above all other options. One of our resident veterinarians, Dr. Teixeira, has this piece of advice and knowledge to share on the topic…

The veterinary cardiologists in our area are seeing an average of 11 cases a month of dogs in heart failure that are eating grain-free diets. Many of these dogs are young, healthy dogs whose symptoms develop within days, or they have sudden death.

Studies are ongoing and are definitely important to keep an eye out for, but please consider all of your options thoroughly. If you are already feeding on a grain-free diet, please consider switching to a different diet. 44% of all dog foods sold in America are grain-free! These diets are meant to be healthy and are purchased with good intentions. They are advertised that way so, that’s our expectation. Research continues, and the cause may be taurine deficiency, but it really is too early to tell. Cats may also be affected by these diets so, don’t count them out.

Consider switching to diet that is not grain-free but is more complete. I don’t have a favorite. I’ve seen dogs live long lives on Purina Dog Chow. I’ve seen dogs who look great as they age on premium brands as well. The best dog food is the one that your dog does well on. But at this point, that does NOT include grain-free.

Of course, we advise you please consult your primary veterinarian before making any significant changes to your pet’s diet, especially if your reasoning is health related. As advised, if your pet is doing well on certain foods, they may be better off sticking to that formula. We hope you take this into consideration when you have concerns or questions about your pet’s diet or health.

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