All pets, specifically dogs, need extra care to make sure they stay safe and calm during the upcoming Independence Day celebrations as well as any cook outs etc. planned for the future. Here are some tips to make this and every holiday a positive experience for your pets.

1.       Keep your pets indoors during fireworks or loud commotions. Your pet’s instinctually want to get away from any startling/loud noise. So, if they are already dealing with separation anxiety, this increases the chance that your pet may escape or run away. Make sure you can be at home with your pet as much as possible while you know the fireworks etc. are going to be happening and have plenty of water nearby, as anxiety can increase thirst.

2.       Use best practices when outside. People usually get to setting off smaller fireworks before and after the holiday and they can lead a dog to panic. Never leave your pet outside alone during these times. If you have them, harnesses are the better option during these times as collars are easier for them to pull out of should they be startled. Of course, make sure your pet is properly I.D.’d on the off chance they manage to get away.

3.       Combat noise with noise. When the noise is unexpected it can startle and put pets on edge, so try to cover up those sounds. Playing rock music at a high volume or a dryer going with tennis balls in it can work at masking the loud outside noises.

4.       Make a hide-away space. Setting up a confined space for your pet to hide can give them a sense of security when they are getting anxious.  Showers or closets are good options for dogs and can easily be made more comfortable by adding some blankets for burrowing. If you have a Thundershirt, these can be very helpful as well.

5.       Keep extra health risks in mind. Outdoor celebrations can mean lighter fluid, alcohol, hot cooking apparatuses, chicken/BBQ bones, chocolate, enticing trash, grapes, and other dog hazards. Keep in mind what is within reach of your pets and make sure they don’t ingest anything toxic or get burned either chemically, sun-wise, or from fire.

6.       Help you pet through the stress. Tired pets are relaxed pets. It at all possible, exercise your pet earlier in the day so that by the time the celebrations start, with the assistance of these tips, they’re more likely to sleep through it.

7.       Protect your pet during parties. When entertaining inside or outside, either keep your pets under your direct control or secure them to a safe room in the home with a clear sign that states that a pet is inside & to not open the door. With guests coming in and leaving through gates & doors, the risk of escape is high for any pet. Never expect your distracted guests to keep your pets safe.


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