Did you know that June is National Pet Preparedness Month? While most of us are running around with our furry friends this summer enjoying the sunny days, it can be easy to forget that, although summer weather can be gorgeous- it can also be unexpected and dangerous. The most common natural disasters that occur during the summer are tornadoes, wild fires, and flooding. As pet owners it is important to take these situations into consideration when it comes to your pets’ safety and put together an action plan if these events or other emergencies were to ever occur.

            One of the most important ways to ensure your pet’s safety is to have them identified with a microchip and ID tag on their collar. A microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted between your pets’ shoulder blades. The device can be scanned at a veterinary office or animal shelter and will display vital contact information such as your phone number and address. That being said, if you happen to change any of your information make sure to contact your microchip company so that they can update their records. Also, make sure that any ID tags your pet wears are legible and are up to date with your current contact information. It is also a good idea to have another tag indicating any health and/or behavioral issues your pet might have as well as any medication(s) such as insulin.

            A pre-made kit is also essential if you must evacuate your home quickly. Good items to keep in your pets kit include 3 days worth of food, bottled water, 2 bowls, a harness and leash, medications, up-to-date information such as vaccines and microchip number, local vet info, a pet first aid kit, and poop bags. Always remember to put your pet emergency kit in a waterproof bag to keep the contents safe and dry.

            If your area is prone to flooding, wildfires, or any other type of natural disaster where you may have to evacuate, it is important to find a location outside of the area where you can take your pets with you. Whether it’s a family or friends house, or a pet friendly hotel, it is a good idea to have a list of options and contact numbers for where you might go. It is a great idea to discuss a plan of action in advance with a neighbor or nearby friend or family member. Agreeing that if one of you cannot make it back home that the other will bring your pets and their emergency kit will make the situation a lot less hectic. Even having decals on your front door, to inform any emergency personnel how many pets are in the home should they need to get in to rescue them, isn’t the worst idea.

          No one likes to think a natural disaster will happen in their area but having these strategies in place will help ensure you and your pet(s) are prepared and able to enjoy all the adventures that summer has to offer! If you have any questions or concerns regarding pet preparedness, we would be glad to help or point you in the right direction! Email us at montrosepethotel@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible!

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