Employee Spotlight

Employee: Marcia

Position: Supervisor

Hotel Duties: At the front desk I make sure that all clients’ pets get checked in to a cabin or kitty condo, as well as, making sure the pets are as comfortable as possible with their toys, bedding, and/or food. I make sure our team of pet care specialists are working efficiently with our pet guests. I am usually who you will see in the mornings at the front desk, as well as the person that will be answering your questions over the phone or email in the mornings. As well, I generally keep up with any other hotel duties in the background.

Favorite Part about working here: I enjoy meeting pet parents and being the first person to introduce the incoming pets to their rooms & help them feel at ease and better acquainted with each visit.

Pets at home: I currently do not have any pets but have had a handful of dogs in the past.

Outside Interests: In my spare time I try mostly to relax and recover as much lost sleep as possible. If I’m not sleeping, I’m likely watching TV.