Did you know your indoor pet's are still at risk for flea and ticks?


Fleas and ticks are a year-round concern for both your indoor and outdoor pets. With the height of flea and tick season right around the corner, make sure you and your pets are prepared.

As the weather gets nicer you are more inclined to walk your dog and let your cat out for longer periods of time. This, in combination with the busy season of fleas and ticks can cause an infestation for your pet as well as within your home. To protect your pets and/or people make sure to take care of them with flea & tick preventative. Despite the busy season for these pests being May to winter, you still want to be sure to keep your pets protected year-round as these pests can still survive the cold temperatures. We recommend contacting your veterinarian for additional information and to purchase these preventatives to save yourself time, money, and stress down the road.

A common misconception for flea & tick concerns is that indoor pets do not need them, when in fact they do. Even though the risk to an indoor pet is less than that of an outdoor pet, it is still a risk none the less. Make sure that all pets are taken care of to prevent initial infestation as well as any re-infestations since it is not uncommon in multi-pet homes for one pet to lead to an infestation of another.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding fleas and ticks, we would be glad to help or point you in the right direction! Email us at montrosepethotel@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible!

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