Thanksgiving Tips & Treats


Thanksgiving Tips & Treats

For most, Thanksgiving is time for family, football, & food. Our furry family members, however, are usually most focused on the food aspect. With the multiple smells of food and guests it’s easy for our pets to get overwhelmed on all fronts. Here’s some tips & treats to keep the holiday relaxing for all.

1)      Thanksgiving Dinner Stays on the Table

We all know that pets are interested in new smells especially if it has to do with your food. Making sure they don’t get into something they shouldn’t and that they aren’t over indulged by table scraps is very important. Below is a short list of some people foods that you can share with your dogs on the holiday and beyond:

·         Sweet potatoes INSTEAD OF candied yams - Too much sugar can negatively affect your dogs system while sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, & beta carotene.

·         Apples INSTEAD OF apple pie - Again, there is too much sugar in apple pie for dogs, but raw apples provide vitamins A & C as well as fiber in a sweet crunchy treat. Just make sure to cut clear around the core as the seeds can be toxic.

·         Green beans INSTEAD OF green bean casserole - The additional cream in the casserole is much too rich for dogs systems while just plain beans have plenty of plant fiber, manganese, & vitamins C & K. Green beans also help in making your pet feel fuller without overeating.

·         Pumpkin INSTEAD OF pumpkin pie - Pureed pumpkin is well known for it’s benefits to dogs’ digestive tract health. Adding just a spoon or two to your pup’s meals can help cure diarrhea and constipation. Not to mention, their skin & coat can benefit just by some regular pumpkin treats.

·         Yogurt INSTEAD OF ice cream - It can be very tempting to want to share a sweet treat with your pup, but human ice cream is not dog friendly. Fortunately, yogurt is a great alternative with calcium, protein, & live bacteria that can act as a probiotic. Just make sure the yogurt is sugar free with no artificial sweeteners or is a brand made specifically for dogs.

2)      Be Conscious of Your Guests

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast means extra feet in and out of doors opening left and right. This creates extra opportunities for your pet to wander out of your supervision and even out of the home. Baby gates make a great barricade without completely keeping your pet out of the mix. As well, you’ll want to make sure to remind your guests not to indulge your pets in any undesirable “treats” from the table.

3)      Secure All Garbage

Pets will go just as crazy for the thrown away plates and scraps as they do for the freshly made meal. Make sure that any and all remnants of the food prep, like empty meat packages or containers, are tossed after use or thoroughly cleaned out. Raw food packaging can be very dangerous for pets to eat and digest. All trash should be tied tight and promptly put out of your pets’ reach. This will also help ensure that your outdoor trash awaiting garbage pickup doesn’t encourage unwanted pests, vermin, or simply hungry wildlife.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the MPH Team!

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