Montrose October Pet Of The Month!

Olive Stansbury RC 6.3.jpg


Breed: American Pitbull Terrier Mix

Age: 2

Favorite Activity: Olive is such a sweet heart who never tires of getting attention. Her favorite part of playtimes is when she gets to sit by your side watch out the window and enjoying the sun; all while receiving all the love and attention she could ask for.

Endearing Qualities: The best part about Olive is her temperament and her manners. She is always wagging her tail in excitement when she sees our staff and always sits when told. Olive is very laid back, super easy going and such a cuddle bug.

Cuddle Buddy:Olive is the type of dog that can’t just have one best friend, she loves and plays with all of our staff members. She never seems to have a bad day, which always cheers us up here at Montrose!