Montrose October Pet Of The Month!


Breed: Bull Terrier

Favorite Activity: Arya LOVES to play fetch. Despite her missing a leg, she has adapted quickly and always returns with her captured ball. After she’s gotten her running out she is always ready for a deep nap in her cabin.

Endearing Qualities: Being a rescue dog and having had to have one of her legs amputated recently before coming to our facility, you wouldn’t be sure that Arya was ready for boarding or being in a new environment. However, she has made literal and figurative leaps & bounds in her progress with new people and getting around on only 3 legs. Not to mention, she is still so sweet to everyone she meets.

Cuddle Buddy: If Arya could stay in the K9 grass and play fetch all day with any of the staff she would. She loves to bring the ball back then relax right next to us and share in the fun she has. Our supervisor, Marcia, has grown quite fond of her and they always enjoy Arya’s play time.


Arya POTM.jpg