Montrose December Pet Of The Month!


Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix

Age: 12 years

Favorite Activity: Bob absolutely loves being around people. If he had his way, he would rest his head on our laps and spend hours receiving an endless supply of love and attention! He also enjoys exploring the K9 area, taking in all the different sights and smells while also stretching out his long legs.

Endearing Qualities: Bob has the sweetest big brown eyes that can melt your heart with a single glance, and he has the personality to match them. He’s such a gentleman and rarely ever makes a peep unless he’s super excited over one of our staff members or his special treat that his mom packed for lunch.

Cuddle Buddy: Bob enjoys spending time with anyone and everyone, but he’s made a special connection with our pet care specialist, Kayla. During his playtimes, Bob and Kayla can be seen snuggling and playing with one another until he’s ready to go back to his cabin for a nap. In between playtimes, Kayla makes a stop by Bob’s cabin to give him some extra love and a few small treats <3