Think your cat can take care or themselves?

The common misconception is that cats are completely independent animals and can fend without your care for extended periods of time. Sure, they can mostly bathe themselves, generally self-feed appropriately, & use the litter box (hopefully), but they do still need personalized pet care.

Most cats will fare just fine for an overnight or two provided they have adequate access to water and food regularly, but cats need affection & attention just like dogs and people. After a couple days your cat may succumb to feelings of neglect. We have seen first-hand the benefits of companionship while you are away. Check out our top 5 reasons to have provided pet care for your cats instead of leaving them unattended at home.

1.       Food & Water

Cats love their water, despite what their bath times may reflect. Making sure their water is always available & food is set out in the appropriate amounts is key to a healthy cat. As well, that simple interaction of setting down the food for them can be a bonding experience and help remind your cat that you care for them and are their provider.

2.       Preventing Escape

Cats are well known as escape artists. Usually they just want to explore and want out for the fun of it. However, the risk with leaving your pet unattended at home or with a home visitor is that they may feel threatened or uncomfortable and may try to flee. Having your cat with us and the multiple levels of escape prevention, they will be safer & comfortable.

3.       Love/Attention/Playtime

Not all cats are standoffish or reject affection. We have had many cats that want nothing more to play, be pet, and nuzzle up against us. Of course, there are those that rather be left to their own devises, but we are still very accommodating to any temperament. Being a hunting animal by nature, they need plenty of stimulation that mimics that activity. Being able to run and jump off any pent-up energy helps keep your cat in shape, mentally acute, & content. Without this crucial play time, your cat can become bored, lethargic, or worst of all, destructive. Not to mention, this play time can also be a bonding activity that helps build trust with our caregivers.

4.       Damaging Things

On the subject of destructive behavior, cats can be trouble makers, especially when left to their own devises in the home. Without proper stimulation & supervision, your cat can become a danger to your household items and/or themselves. When we notice that a cat is particularly rowdy, we make sure to try to get as much of that energy out in a positive manner of play time.

5.       Clean Litter Box

You never want to come home to a pee/pooped soaked carpet or flooring. Cats self-groom religiously and prefer to be fresh and clean & keeping them that way is our main priority. Leaving them unattended at home can make for a very full and unkempt litter box that your cat may eventually stop using.

Overall, bringing your cat to Montrose, can give you piece of mind. Even though they may not require as much attention as their canine counterparts, they’re still your fur-babies and we know how much you care for them. With them here, you will be able to have worry free time away knowing your cat is fed, exercised & safe.